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Parliamentary Events

EUFORES, a European parliamentary network with Members from all major political groups in the European Parliament as well as in the national EU Member States Parliaments, organises events in the European Parliament and also in national parliaments of EU Member States.

Parliamentary events in the European Parliament are usually organised as dinner debates and focus on bringing all responsible institutions (European Parliament, European Commission, Council, industry associations, experts, civil servants) together and discuss current topics in the field of energy efficiency.

EUFORES also holds annual Inter-Parliamentary Meetings in a different national parliament every year bringing national Members of Parliament together in order to discuss, brainstorm, learn and exchange on energy efficiency and renewables.

Within the Energy Efficiency Watch 3 project, EUFORES organises 10 national parliamentary workshops in the national parliaments. These workshops focus on the specific national situation in the field of energy efficiency in a respective EU Member State and attract all relevant bodies from the national level to a roundtable.