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"Energy Efficiency Action Plan - Implementation and Perspectives for Poland"

Workshop for national stakeholders, 1 February 2011, Warsaw

The workshop for national stakeholders in Poland, organized by EUFORES in cooperation with the Polish National Energy Conservation Agency (KAPE), took place on 1 February 2011.


Core stakeholders gathered and intensively discussed the national situation concerning energy efficiency just four months before the second Energy Efficiency Action Plan is due. The welcome speech by Zbigniew Szpak, KAPE President, was followed by a presentation of the Energy-Efficiency-Watch project by EUFORES Secretary General Jan Geiss. Krzysztof Gierulski from DG Energy pointed out key developments and trends in the field of energy efficiency at the EU level. Best practices and policy suggestions were addressed by Vera H?fele from Wuppertal Institute.Then Tomasz Dabrowski, Director of Energy Department at the Ministry of Economy, concentrated on the current state of energy efficiency and obstacles in its implementation across Poland. Pawel Poncyljusz, Member of the Polish Parliament, focused on the barriers in the development of energy efficiency legislation and in its implementation. Followed by a short discussion round, Miroslaw Semczuk from the Polish Chamber of Industrial Energy and Energy Consumers introduced the position of the industry. An NGO-representative, Wojciech Stepniewski form WWF, presented an implementation assessment of the implementation of the first Energy Efficiency Action Plan in Poland. Finally, the event was closed with a discussion round in which several interesting and well-phrased questions were put. As identified by speakers and participants, the basic problem in the implementation lies with the insufficient cooperation among responsible bodies, poor legislation on energy efficiency, lack of institutions and consistent financial support.   


The workshop was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Environment, Infrastructure, the Senate, the Polish Parliament and numerous associations, chambers, companies, experts as well as NGOs.


Please download the agenda of the workshop here.


Please download the presentation of Tomasz Dabrowski, Wojciech Stepniewski, Jan Geiss and Miroslaw Semczuk and Vera Hoefele.


Here you can download the paper Improving National Energy Efficiency Strategies in the EU Framework.





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