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"Energy Efficiency Policies - Reality Check"

19 March 2013, Stanhope Hotel, Brussels


There are several very good pieces of legislation on energy efficiency. However, it is the implementation of the legislation that counts. Within the Energy-Efficiency-Watch project, a survey on the implementation of energy efficiency policies was conducted. There were 655 questionnaires collected and interviews with carefully selected experts in every EU Member State were organised. The survey results portray the situation in the implementation of energy efficiency policies in the EU.


This event presented the survey results as well as discussed the implementation of energy efficiency policies from various perspectives - European Parliament, European Commission, experts and city representatives. According to the survey, the experts wish for more regulated policies from the EU level and improved governance with timely follow-up. Apparently there are many good examples on the local level showing the way forward such as the city of Växjö which wants to become fossil fuel free by 2030 and aspires to get the status of the greenest city of Europe.


Christiane Egger from Upper Austria Energy Agency presented the survey results of the Energy-Efficiency-Watch project. Afterwards, Juris Golunovs from Riga Energy Agency and Viktor Smolic from Croatian town of Slunj showcased good practices from their home towns. Fiona Hall, EUFORES Vice-President and MEP, chaired a subsequent panel discussion with Paul Hodson, DG ENER, European Commission, Christiane Egger, Upper Austria Energy Agency and Anna Tenje, Växjö city of Sweden. 


Please see the programme of the event here.


For more information you can download the presentations of

Christiane Egger, The Energy-Efficiency-Watch Survey

Viktor Smolic, Town of Slunj, Croatia,

Juris Golunovs, City of Riga, Latvia