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EEW3 Results for the United Kingdom


The Energy-Efficiency-Watch project aims to portray the progress made in the implementation of energy efficiency policies across the European Union. Under the framework of this project, an expert survey on the implementation of energy efficiency policies in all 28 Member States was conducted. The project also screens the National Energy Efficiency Action Plans (NEEAPs) in order to highlight strengths and weaknesses of national energy efficiency policy packages. In order to gain a business perspective on the benefits and challenges of energy efficiency policies a business stakeholder consultation and specific workshops were held in a number of Member States. The Energy-Efficiency-Watch project is an Intelligent Energy - Europe project coordinated by EUFORES. The project partners are eceee, Energy Cities, FEDARENE, Upper Austrian Energy Agency, Wuppertal Institute and Ecofys.

Key Policy Conclusions

The key policy conclusions offer strategic policy conclusions resulting from the various survey results of the Energy-Efficiency-Watch project. They include insights from the 28 country reports as well as good practice examples from different member states. The aim is to build a strong basis for further discussions with political decision-makers. Please download the key policy conclusions in English here.

Brochure "How to make Europe Number 1 in Energy Efficiency"

This brochure presents the results of the screening of the National Energy Efficiency Action Plans together with the survey on the implementation of energy efficiency policies in the EU and the business stakeholder consultation. Besides analysing overall governance framework and sector policies, this brochure is a collection of good practices in energy efficiency. The brochure is available for download in English, French and German.


Survey Report: Progress in energy efficiency policies in the EU Member States - the experts’ perspective 

Under the framework of the Energy-Efficiency-Watch project, an EU-wide survey on the implementation of national energy efficiency policies was conducted. More than 1,100 experts from all 28 Member States contributed to the survey between January 2015 to June 2015. The objective was to reveal the progress in the implementation of energy efficiency policies in every EU Member State over the last three years. Please download the survey report in English here.


28 country reports “Analysis of national Energy Efficiency Action Plans and Policies in EU Member States 2014”

The Energy-Efficiency-Watch project presents 28 country reports outlining specific national energy efficiency policies and their implementation in every EU Member State. The country reports are based on the screening of the National Energy Efficiency Action Plans and the survey results.

Please download the country report for the UK in English here.



Energy-Efficiency-Watch Report

This report comprises all results of the Energy-Efficiency-Watch 3 project. The reports provides data from the experts survey, the document analysis and NEEAPs screening, the business stakeholder consultation, 10 selected case studies, the 28 country reports and the key policy conclusions. You can download the report in English here. (available 2017)


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