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Sponsorship Opportunity - Energy Efficiency Watch 3

The Energy Efficiency Watch 3 (EEW3) project is an Intelligent Energy Europe project coordinated by EUFORES, the European cross-party parliamentary network promoting energy efficiency and renewables. By sponsoring this project you can join and actively participate in the Energy Efficiency Watch project.

What is Energy Efficiency Watch 3 about?

Energy Efficiency Watch 3 wants to facilitate the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive and support market transition by collecting information on the implementation of energy efficiency policies and providing this information to a variety of stakeholders such as European Parliament, European Commission, national, regional, local policy makers and experts.

The core objective of EEW3 is to establish a constant feedback loop on the implementation of European and national energy efficiency policies and thus enable mutual learning on effective policy making across the EU. EEW3 screens progress of national policies, looks into legislative documents, seeks experts´knowledge via an EU-wide survey and creates new consultation platforms with a wide spectrum of stakeholders (parliamentarians, regions, cities, business and expert stakeholders).

EEW3 will show how energy efficiency policies are implemented across the EU, what are the challenges and barriers to implementation and suggest solutions.

EU-wide surveys and interviews will be held, the experience of the business community will be gathered, core legal documents will be analysed in order to find answers from several perspectives on these questions: How effective are the policies? What implementation progress has been made? How will future policies and instruments have to be improved in order to make Europe more energy efficient on the ground and not only in the policy papers? This input will be complemented by feedback from the industry, regional and local stakeholders and city representatives.

Based on the collected feedback EEW3 will deliver 28 national reports on progress in energy efficiency policies in every EU Member State, 10 case studies of well-established policy packages, a brochure on strategic policy and business conclusions and a Feedback Loop Report.

The EEW3 project started on 19 August 2014 and will last until 18 August 2017.

EUFORES offers three different sponsorship packages Platinum, Gold and Silver with different levels of participation and visibility advantages.

Why sponsor?

As a sponsor of Energy Efficiency Watch 3 you will have numerous sponsorship advantages

  • EEW3 events (up to 40 events) provide you with with an outstanding networking opportunity to get into contact  and discuss the potentials and needs of your sector with national and European Parliamentarians as well as government representatives and other stakeholders in the field of energy efficiency.
  • Take advantage of the extraordinary access to Parliamentarians and other policy and decision makers during the EEW3 events and influence Europe´s energy future.
  • Increase your visibility on the European level through the EEW website and other related EEW communication tools like newsletters.
  • Be part of an active energy efficiency community, eager to make Europe´s energy future more efficient and sustainable.

Do not wait, book your package now!

For detailed information on individual packages and your advantages including participation and visibility opportunities please see EEW3 sponsorship packages here.


Contact Details

Lucia Bayer

EEW3 Project Manager, EUFORES

Tel.: +32 2 400 10 26



Dr. Jan Geiss

Secretary General, EUFORES

Tel.: +32 2 546 19 48