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Parliamentary Call for an "Energy Efficiency Watch"



Brussels, January 2006

The cross party and cross-country initiative “Energy Intelligent Europe”, composed of the then Members of the European Parliament Anders Wijkman (PPE), Mechtild Rothe (PSE), Fiona Hall (ALDE), Claude Turmes (Greens) and Umberto Guidoni (GUE)


together with national Parliamentarians such as Jorge Moreira da Silva (Portugal, PPE), Alan Whitehead (UK, Labour), Pavel Gantar (Slovenia, Liberal Democrats), Boris van der Ham (Netherlands, Lib. Dem.), Anne Grete Holmsgaard (Denmark, Greens) and Ulrich Kelber (Germany, SPD) called for:



and for an



with the aim of making Europe the most energy efficient economy in the world.


With this initiative the European and national Parliamentarians aimed at creating a policy for increased energy efficiency in the EU to guarantee Europe's energy supply and to accomplish the huge challenges we are facing today and in the future. The objective is to bring energy efficiency technologies into action wherever and whenever possible. A close co-operation between European, national, local and regional level and all involved stakeholders is needed to act - not only talk - and to watch that energy efficiency measures will be properly implemented.



We, the European legislators, have committed ourselves to a set of activities and actions to promote concrete measures for energy efficiency. These are required both at the EU level (in the framework of the "European Energy Efficiency Action Plan", Directive on energy end-use efficiency and energy services) and at national and local/regional level (through the "National Energy Efficiency Action Plans"). All sectors of society - politicians, administrations and institutions, businesses, citizens - have a role to play.


EUFORES has been called to coordinate this initiative.



We have started an "Energy Efficiency Watch" in order to follow the relevant actions at the EU and national level. This new body has been facilitating best practice exchanges among Parliamentarians across Europe and has been closely monitoring the actions and results proposed in the EU Energy Efficiency Action Plan and the National Energy Efficiency Action Plans.




 The "Energy Efficiency Watch 2" project is a follow-up project to "Energy Efficiency Watch" and will follow the same objectives as "Energy Efficiency Watch".