Energy Efficiency Watch
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The objectives of the EEW

  • Activation, consultation and strengthening of key actors and core networks in the field of energy efficiency

  • Survey, interviews and bottom-up analysis on the implementation of the Energy Services Directive

  • Screening policies, legislative measures, instruments and activities within the framework of the NEEAPs and highlighting good practices

  • Awareness raising among Parliamentarians and civil servants in the national administrations about the benefits, various policy practicies and activities in the field of energy efficiency and energy savings

  • Experience and information exchange among Parliamentarians, civil servants, mayors and networks concerning policy and legislative measures, instruments and activities in the framework of the NEEAPs for a better regulation/implementation

  • Network building among Parliamentarians and civil servants, mayors and various stakeholder groups in the field of energy efficiency and information dissemination to key decision-makers (MEPs, MPs, civil servants and mayors) and the public in order to facilitate the ESD implementation