Energy Efficiency Watch
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Potential Impacts of the Project

  • Coherent implementation and improvement of the Energy Services Directive, NEEAPs and related energy efficiency legislation through more active policy-makers
  • Exchange of experiences and best practices among national and European Parliamentarians, civil servants, mayors, regional and local networks and other stakeholders across Europe
  • Increased awareness/knowledge of national and European Parliamentarians, civil servants, public and other stakeholders across Europe on policy measures, instruments and activities in the field of energy efficiency and energy savings
  • Reduced import dependence on oil products (in transport and heating) and gas (in power generation and heating)
  • Reduced environmental impacts of energy and transport services, such as global warming, local pollution and risks associated with nuclear power
  • A strengthened European economy, technology innovation dynamics and an increased creation of jobs within the framework of the Lisbon strategy
  • Delivery of good examples for countries outside the EU, in particular developing countries and countries in transition