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Process of the EEW-Project


The EEW will follow the milestones of the agenda of the political process in the field of energy efficiency and especially related to the Energy Services Directive and the following national Energy Efficiency Plans (EEAPs).

The project will perform the following activities:

  • EEW-Networking: Integration of all major players in the field of energy efficiency within Europe and creation of a common platform for the energy efficiency community.
  • EEW-Evaluation: Evaluation of the available national EEAPs and presentation of scientific feedback-reports and best-practice reports.
  • EEW-Dissemination: Communication to Members of Parliaments as well as to the relevant national administrations concerned with the EEAPs. Organisation of national Parliamentary evenings, EU-Presidency-Briefings, an EEW-conference etc.

 This section offers you also the following information:

  • Overview of the Project's Programme
  • The evaluation of the national EEAPs