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The EEW-Initiative (EEWI) and EEW-Projects (EEW)


Based on the Parliamentary Call, the Energy-Efficiency-Watch-Initiative has been created among the initiating Parliamentarians asking EUFORES to act as its coodinator. Within the call for proposals of the Intelligent Energy Europe 2006, EUFORES proposed the EEW-Project as a major tool of the EEW-Initiative. It was supported by the initiating Parliamentarians and the Managing Partners. The first EEW-Project was accompanied and supported by a broad variety of stakeholders and external partners from industry, science and civil society.

There have been two projects EEW1 and EEW2 accomplished under the Intelligent Energy Europe programme of the European Commission. The Energy-Efficiency-Watch 3 project (EEW3) started on the 19th of August 2014 and will be running for 3 years. 

The Energy-Efficiency-Watch 3 project wants to facilitate the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive and support market transition by collecting information on the implementation of energy efficiency policies and providing this information to a variety of stakeholders such as European Parliament, European Commission, national, regional, local policy makers and experts. 

The core objective of EEW3 is to establish a constant feedback loop on the implementation of European and national energy efficiency policies and thus enable mutual learning on effective policy making across the EU. EEW3 screens progress of national policies, looks into legislative documents, seeks experts´ knowledge via an EU-wide survey and creates new consultation platforms with a wide spectrum of stakeholders (parliamentarians, regions, cities, business and expert stakeholders).