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Programme - WP1 - WP4


The EEW-Project is divided into four main work packages (WP):


WP1 - Management
The management of the project will mainly be fulfilled via several partners’ project meetings, tele-phone calls and e-mailing. EUFORES as coordinator of the project will manage the EEW project. It will organize the necessary partners meetings (kick-off etc.), structure the communication among the partners and manage the whole contractual necessities (reports, finances etc.).


WP2 - EEW networking
The EEW networking intends to build up a network of all major players in the field of energy efficiency. It wants to network-in and network-out. Close integration of external partners - for example via reference group meetings - will bring important input to the project and serve as one basis for the evaluation. In the same time, external partners will gain ownership of the project and are thereby motivated to serve as dissemination partners. Members of the European Parliament, members of national parliaments, civil servants, associations, and industry, NGOs will be identified and integrated. The scope for the networking is the EU-27.


WP3 – EEW evaluation
The EEW evaluation intends to evaluate the upcoming national EEAPs and to develop an opinion about their ripeness, about best practice and about missing pieces. Partners will develop the necessary methodology and evaluate in a first step all available 27 EEAP drafts. In a second step 10-12 national EEAPs will be evaluated. The evaluators will establish a long report and a brochure including best practice examples as well as successful policies. During this evaluation, input of external partner or-ganisations as well as feedback from national parliamentarians will be integrated.


WP4 - Dissemination and Communication
In order to develop an effective, change initiating and far reaching dissemination and communication, the project partners will use several instruments:

  • Partners will create the EEW website, both as platform for the presentation of the project results and of input of external partners as well as a portal to the energy efficiency community.
  • Furthermore, the reports and brochures will be produced and designed in an easy-to-read format and distributed to focus target groups - mainly to parliamentarians, related civil servants, industry, NGOs and the media.
  • As a broad means of communication, newsletters, briefings, press releases and expert articles will be used.

All these dissemination items will cover the whole of the EU (website, brochures in PDF etc.).
As very focused and intense channel of communication, 6 national EEW parliamentary evenings will be organized of which at least 2 will take place in new Member States. Additionally, the EEW conference will be organized in Wels/Austria within the sustainable energy days in 2009.
Last but not least, the project partners will organize 5 “EEW EU Presidencies briefings” of the initiating parliamentarians together with representatives of the respective EU Presidencies in office.