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Evaluation - WP3


The evaluation within EEW will cover all EEAPs of the EU Member States and will be conducted twice, firstly as a screening of the EEAPs drafts in autumn 2007 and an update-evaluation of the finally accepted plans mid of 2008. The in-depth analysis and evaluation of 10-12 EEAPs will be conducted once.

By evaluating also the finally accepted plans, EEW will substantially contribute for the mid-term evaluation of EEAPs by the EU to be conducted in mid 2009. The evaluation results of the EEAPs of EU Member States aim to offer incentives for further improvement of the EEAPs and thereby to create a “contest for the best”.

The evaluation focuses on the development of best practice in order to enable decision makers to im-prove their national EEAPs and their implementation. It is not intended to conflict with the evaluation of the EC.

The evaluation also aims to integrate stakeholders feedback on the different EE-policies and therefore to develop suggestions for improvement as well as to create a constructive political momentum in the first 3 years of the EEAPs.


  1. Defining the criteria for the evaluation of national Energy Efficiency Action Plans. Developing a minimum set of questions to be answered on all Member States. Defining the content, structure and format of the outcome and reports
  2. Evaluating national Energy Efficiency Action Plans
  3. Highlighting good practice/what does not work
  4. Integrating the input of external partners
  5. Writing reports and summaries about the results and prepare a “EEW-Best-Practice-Brochure for European Policy Makers”

The scientific partner of the EEW, Wuppertal Institute and ECOFYS, finished their screening and evaluation. All related documents can be found at the "Results and Documents" page.