Energy Efficiency Watch
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Events within the Project

There are many various events organised in this project:

  •  Parliamentary events (organised in the European Parliament as well as in national parliaments of the EU)
  • Council Presidency Briefings (organised in the European Parliament with the representatives of that EU Member State which is to hold the incoming EU Council presidency)
  • Networking events (focused on dissemination, networking and bringing different stakeholders together, mostly taking place outside Brussels)


Parliamentary events in the European Parliament are organised as dinner debates and focus on bringing all responsible institutions (European Parliament, European Commission, Council, industry associations, experts, civil servants) together and discuss current topics in the field of energy efficiency. Several parliamentary events are organised outside Brussels in the national parliaments, such as workshops for national stakeholders or Inter-Parliamentary Meetings. The first one focuses on the specific national situation in the field of energy efficiency in a respective EU Member State and attracts all relevant bodies from the national level to a roundtable. The latter one attempts to gather Parliamentarians from the EU and national levels, civil servants and core members of the EUFORES network for the purpose of discussing energy efficiency from various perspectives. 


Council Presidency Briefings take place couple of months before another EU Member State takes over the presidency in the Council. Responsible representatives of the EU Member State are invited to the European Parliament in order to discuss the visions and agenda of its incoming Council presidency. 


There are several events organised by EEW3 project partners across Europe. ESV, ECEEE, FEDARENE and Energy Cities organise specific sessions on Energy Efficiency Watch in their annual conferences.