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Third EEW Parliamentary Event, Brussels - Belgium

The third EEW parliamentary dissemination event took place on 18th November 2009 in Brussels, during the 9th Inter-Parliamentary Meeting of EUFORES that took place in the Parliament of Belgium.


The event gathered over 50 Members of the European Parliament and of National Parliaments, as well as Parliamentary representatives, European Commission Representatives and Government officials from 15 EU Member States. Furthermore, about 60 selected representatives from industry, media, science and the NGO-sector attended.

NEEAP experts (civil servants or other involved energy agencies, experts) were attending from the following countries: Austria, France, Greece, Malta, Poland, The Netherlands, and the UK.


The attending Parliamentarians adopted the Declaration of Brussels in a special closed parliamentary session. The declaration covers both topics, RES and EE, underlining the principle that sustainable development is only possible addressing both issues together.

Key points among other where:

  • A binding 20% efficiency target for 2020 in a new European Energy Efficiency Ac-tion Plan
  • A key role of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in the climate negotiations in Copenhagen in December 2009


You can find all information, like the programme, presentations as well as pictures at EUFORES main website on IPM9 here.