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State of the Art - EEW

  • The EEW3 project addresses all markets related to energy efficiency in Europe:
    • technology markets (e.g. sectors of buildings, transport, technical appliances) 
    • service markets (e.g. sectors of buildings, transport, technical appliances)
  • The EEW3 project addresses the huge lack of knowledge among Parliamentarians, civil servants, the public all over Europe and key actors in this field (industry, associations, NGOs and others) about:
    • the big and unexploited technical and economic potentials of energy efficiency
    • successful supportive political and legal instruments in the field of energy efficiency
  • The EEW3 project addresses, accompanies, supports and enriches the political process underway initiated by the European institutions in the field of energy efficiency, especially the Energy Services Directive and the European and national energy efficiency action plans.
  • The EEW3 project gathers the feedback on the implementation of NEEAPs from various networks on regional, local and municipal level.
  • The EEW3 project draws the conclusion of lessons learned from the implementation of European legal frameworks into national and local context and therefore tries to focus on decision-making and legislative activities of the relevant actors on both levels - national and the EU level.
  • The project also looks at the discrepancies between political plans/legislation and the implementation on ground.