Energy Efficiency, a key tool for decarbonization

An expert survey is being carried out to collect opinions about the progress of energy efficiency policies in the EU Member States in the past 3 years and narratives having an impact on it. If you would like to participate in this survey, please get in contact with us at



The section provides access to reports, policies, good practice examples, guides and tools developed in the EEW4 project.

How to develop successful narratives around energy efficiency?

18 septembre 2019

Project partners are currently analysing the impact that positive or negative narratives may have on the acceptance and implementation of EE policies in member states. Results will be available soon.


Energy efficiency expert online survey

21 august 2019

The expert survey aims at gathering input from the community of energy experts in Europe on the progress of EE policy implementation in each Member State and narratives having an impact on it.

Summary & main conclusions

Results & documents

15 july 2019

Key results of the Energy-EfficiencyWatch 4 project will be available on this page.

Press release

Our mission and approach

Energy Efficiency Watch 4 is a Horizon 2020 project aiming at supporting public authorities to implement the Energy Union and in particular the Energy Efficiency Directive.

The project intends to develop narratives for the national, regional and local levels, creating a broader understanding of the multiple benefits of energy efficiency such as improvement of air quality, modernization of buildings, job creation, climate protection, and energy security.


All events

Keep yourself updated on the latest events organised all over Europe and connect to key energy efficiency experts.

EU Council Presidency Roundtables

Organised twice a year in the European Parliament together with MEPs and the representatives of the incoming EU Council Presidency.

National Parliamentary Workshops

Organised at the national parliaments of member states, the workshops intend to gather lawmakers and energy experts and discuss the status of the national efficiency legislation and identify national strengths and weaknesses.

Business Stakeholders Workshops

The workshops, organised at several Member States, will gather the prospective of business stakeholders on EE policies, its implementation and related narratives.

Managing partners