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Energy Efficiency in Debate

Workshop for national stakeholders, 15 June 2011, Paris


The national workshop in France took place in the French National Assembly on 15 June 2011 and was attended by Members of the French Parliament, numerous representatives of local authorities, representatives of Ministry of economy, finances and industry and Ministry of ecology, sustainable development, transport and housing as well as project partners of the EEW2 project.


In his introductory speech, Bertrand Pancher (MP for Meuse) emphasised the importance of public debate on energy in France. François Brottes (MP for l’Isère) continued and commented on the energy climate package which is not transposed in sectoral directives. This clearly suggests that logical sequence is missing and it might be one of the reasons why the market does not encouarage energy efficiency. The buildings isolation is very often forgotten. France loses around 2 billion euro due to the losses in the transport of electricity. This suggests the need to move electricity production to the places where it is consumed. The freight transport in France is according to his words a failure. He added that energy performance certificates, like in several other countries, are difficult to understand. 


Afterwards Jan Geiss (EUFORES Secretary General) introduced the main activities and objectives of the project of Energy Efficiency Watch 2. Then, Antoine Durand (Wuppertal Institute) presented the European energy efficiency policies and also drafted potential of France in energy savings. Please see his presentation here.


Denis Baupin (City of Paris, Club France of the Covenant of Mayors, Vice-president of Energy Cities) sees energy efficiency at the crossroads of those four topics:

  • Constraints linked to the climate change
  • Reduction of fossil fuels and increase in prices as its consequence
  • Nuclear question and impact of the Japanese nuclear catastrophe
  • Energy scarcity

He appealed to the participants to engage in communication at all levels (European, national, local). The need to delegate certain competences to the local authorities is according to him also crucial.


Pascal Dupuis (Head of Unit for climate and energy efficiency, Directorate general of energy and climate (Digec), Ministry of economy, finances and industry and Ministry of ecology, sustainable development, transport and housing)  introduced the National roundtable for energy efficiency. This roundtable was launched the same week (17 June 2011) by the French government. It gathers 50 members in 7 groups - the state, local authorities, nongovernmental organisations, employers, employees, consumers and qualified professionals. There will also be three working groups established - households, firms and public authorities. Energy Cities was after the workshop invited to participate at the meetings of the third working group of the National roundtable for energy efficiency.

Please find the programme here.




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